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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Independent review of SEO software-Caphyon's Advanced Web Ranking and Link Manager

Over the past month we have been testing, tooling, and tempering with two types of tempting software from Caphyon Ltd: Advanced Web Ranking and Advanced Link Manager.

The software was referred to us by a colleague in Colorado, and we are pretty impressed by their package to say the least.
We deal mainly with small businesses that have no idea how to move their page up in Google or Yahoo or Bing. So we help them with that. We change things on their website, move things around, take things out, add things in.

AWR is a search engine ranking software. We have used similar programs in the past and it has been extremely helpful. If you've spent 5 minutes searching for SEO software, I'm sure you've run across lots. We've tested a lot, not all of them, but a lot of them, some free some not and I will say this, we have not run across anything as comprehensive and easy to use as Advanced Web Ranking.

Overview of Advanced Web Ranking
When you make changes to your website and you're concerned about Search Engine Optimization (which everyone should be) you want to make sure that your changes will help your website become more search engine friendly. AWR will help you do just that. Basically, you can pick out a vast amount of keywords that you are trying to target on your website using their keyword research tool. Then populate that list and track where your site comes up on google, Yahoo, Bing, or any other search engine around the world. If you make widgets, you can track where your site comes up when someone types in "Blue widgets" or "yellow widgets" or "widgets in my city" or whatever. AWR will keep track of that. Then, you can schedule these ranking reports to run as often as you want. Do you want to see how your site fairs month to month? you can do it, week to week? yep, you can do it.

STEALTHY: AWR is so comprehensive on this, they are able to compute these rankings in seconds while not tipping off Google, yahoo, bing that they are doing it (Search engines don't like it to much and may even penalize you if they catch on). AWR flies under their radar so you don't have to worry about it.

TRACK YOUR COMPETITORS: Did we mention they also can track your competitors' sites? Yeah, a big plus. Often times with SEO you figure something out and someone else figures it out 2 weeks later. With this program it can tell you where your site moves in the Search Engine rankings, and also where your competitors site moves as well, so you can stay one step ahead of them month after month.

HELP!: Advanced Web Ranking is very easy to use as well. Their automated assistant is one click away to explain whatever question you may have. You can be a beginner at SEO and be able to navigate your way about this program. And for the more advanced SEO person, you will be amazing at the power this program contains.

PROJECT MANAGEMENT: It is very easy to jump from project to project as well. When you are juggling 4-5 new clients that you are making reports for and then creating reports to show prospective clients, AWR makes it easy to move from one project to the next. Really we were very surprised at the organization and set up of the program and how it really cuts out a lot of annoying steps that we ran into with other software that we have.

REPORTING: Reports are a breeze. You can make custom reports or stick with the default. When showing clients, you can import your logo and contact information to make the reports look top notch, reflecting upon your company. Some reports are simple and easy to read- great for those clients who want the information now! Other reports are very detailed, they break down where the site has moved from, which search engine likes your site the best, how your competitors fair. Its all very comprehensive and organized well. We really like the reports and show them to many of our clients, both present and future.

You can check out some features of this website ranking software.

We give this program a 5 out of 5 stars. Its ease of use, depth of power, ingenuity and reporting software are stellar. We were blown away at this program and have adopted it into our company's arsenal (something we normally don't do).

Links, Links, Links...

Your site is worthless with out them... Well that may be a bit too strong, but if you want to get found in search engines, then you need to have other sites talking about how cool your site is.

Again, if you sell widgets, it would be great to have a wiki page about your widgets, or how about some reviews on amazon or google about your widgets. Whatever, you need to get some links pointing to your site.

Advanced Link Manager helps with that. ALM is a helpful link popularity tool and link manager tool.

TUTORIAL: ALM has a beginning tutorial that will help the user understand the platform better and be able to navigate around the site. There is always the assistant just a click away to help explain every button, but the tutorial definitely will get you started on the right foot. ALM is a little harder to understand that AWR because of the subject matter. Most people know about Google and keywords, but not a lot of people know about links- even though they are a very important aspect of SEO. That's why we defiantly recommend users to go through the tutorial, it helps a lot.

POWER: This company does not disappoint. They constantly blow our expectations out of the water. We are constantly finding new uses and features available in ALM. From the list of Referrers, broken down by web page to the keyword analysis broken down by page title, links, Img Alts, etc. There is a lot to this program.

FIND LINK PARTNERS: Surprise Feature! This is great, I'm sure many of you have had a hard time finding back links. Where to go, where should you post, keeping up with the posts and then getting frustrated that it took hours to do. This tool is great. It ranks pages so you know which ones you need to get a link on and which sites you will be wasting your time on. You can also analyze your competitors sites and find out which links they are using so you can catch up quicker to your competition-Great feature!

ALM has other great features like a webcrawler that makes a Google & Yahoo Sitemap. The Google maps webpage importer is a key feature to help your company get better listing results locally.

We are very impressed with Advanced Link Manager and would recommend you give this software a try. It is for the more technical SEO clientele, there are some great features and it is a very powerful platform. We give it 5 out of 5 stars!

LINKS: To get a 30 day free trial on either Advanced Web Ranking or Advanced Link Manager, visit or

How to instantly move up your website in Google

If you don't have a full time webmaster, or IT guru on staff, you may find it really frustrating when you see your site lower than your competitors, or when you can't even find your site. There are several Search Engine Optimization (SEM) techniques you can do to help move your website up in Google's Ranks.

I will give you one of the easiest techniques that a non-techie can do. Follow my blog for more tips and tricks of the trade to help you get more customers. If you want more info, feel free to email me as well- I mean it.

Title of your webpage
When you go to your home page, what is the verbage on the very top part of the window? I'm talking about way up in the corner, past the home button, file, edit, view, history etc menus. Above that, what does it say? If it is only your business name, you are missing out on a lot of customers. This is one of the biggest ways Google knows what your site is about. If you are a little more descriptive with your title, you will get more traffic to your site.

What should I do?
Its best to come up with several things your company is known for, what are your signature products or services that you offer? If its widgets, then focus on that. If you are an attorney, what is your primary practice.
Put that information in your title.
For example:
If your firm is Joe Blow Law Firm, and your primary practice is car injuries, then promote that in your title.

You may say something like

Joe Blow Law Firm | Car Accident & Injury Attorneys
Car Injury Attorney | Joe Blow Law Firm | We get results

Get the idea?
Whatever you put, don't make it too long, that doesn't help anything. When you make it real long, google will penalize you and you don't want that.
So keep it short, sweet and to the point.
Next question:
How do I change my website's title?
Well, If you have your FTP information its easy. Just log in to your website through Dreamweaver, Firfox FTP (free), or whatever program you like to use.
If you aren't sure if you have the FTP info, or if you don't have a program to use it may get a little trickier. Really if you wanted to shoot us an email, we could help you out no problem- free of charge of course.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Whats the difference between Bounce Rate and Exit Rate in Google Analytics

I've answered this question for several clients and both statistics are very important and can show you what kind of page quality you have. Google Analytics (web standard for keeping track of stats) has a bounce rate and an exit rate.
Bounce rate is when someone is searching for a product or service on a search engine, lets say a widget. You have a page dedicated to widgets of all shapes and sizes. They find your site on Google and click on your link. Then they realize your page isn't quite what they are looking for, so they click the "back" button and leave your site. This counts as a bounce rate.
An Exit Rate is when someone finds your site and browses around, they visit at least 2 pages on your site. Then, for one reason or another, they decided that they want to leave your site. Whatever page they were viewing last is the page they exited on- Creating an Exit Rate.
So to recap:
Bounce Rate- they go to your site and immediately leave
Exit Rate- they go to your site, browse at least 2 pages, then leave
Now, its up to the dedicated person who crunches Analytics numbers to understand why people are leaving your site. Perhaps its cluttered, it may be irrelevant, maybe they can't read the type, or maybe they have just submitted a form and their is nothing else for them to do.
There are a whole list of various reasons and there are ways to figure out how to keep traffic on your site better. I'll discuss this on a later post.
If you have any questions about your site or Google Analytics feel free to ask!

Monday, February 22, 2010

Small business friendly

Small business friendly.
We just had a business expo in Chattanooga this past week. It went really well, and there are a lot of clients interested in online marketing.
One of our passions are small businesses. We were created by previous small business owners, and we want to see every small business succeed.
We are currently working on a small business package that is aimed at helping your small business at an affordable price. We want to offer you services like maps optimization (huge for small businesses), select keyword targeting relevant to your business and tweak your website so that you can get more traffic. Stay tuned and we will be posting some new packages specially designed for small businesses with less than 20 employees.
Oh and congratulations to those businesses that were honored in the Chattanooga Business Expo this past Wednesday. We tip our hats to you...

Saturday, February 13, 2010

After being a small business owner for over 7 years, I have watched the world of business evolve and change in front of me. When I started my small business in 2003, people were impressed that I had a website. The company made various forms of artwork that evolved into concrete countertops and indoor waterwalls, and a website was about as advanced in the minds of people as text donations are now (have you heard how much text donations have raised for Haiti?).

As time progressed I tried to keep up with technology. I learned how to keep up with my websites statistics and learn how people interacted with my site and what I could improve on and what I needed to change. The world of Search Engine Optimization became a reality to me. I thoroughly enjoyed learning how to optimize my site so people who searched could find it.

And after a year, I realized I stumbled onto something. More than half of my sales and referrals came from the Internet! And I didn't have to spend thousands of dollars on a radio ad campaign or direct mail campaign where the majority of people weren't interested in my products.

After that, I began an online marketing campaign with my company. It made complete sense to me. People would search for my product on Google or Yahoo! and I could pay $.25 to $.50 for someone to click on my advertisement. Now I wish all those clicks ended up in sales, they didn't, but several of them did. I began to research Search Engine Marketing more and more realizing the potential to grow my businesses. And after several years of research I began to get a hold of online marketing, understand the principles of it and became very comfortable and fluent with search engine marketing.

Other local business owners have asked me questions about their site and asked me what kind of advertising I would do. Business owners were very interested in online marketing and I began consulting them.

I have recognized the potential that the Internet can bring to a business. People are online more and more, and they are looking for businesses, products and services online. I've become so dependant on information from the Internet that I have thrown away my phone book and yellow pages. Times are changing for consumers, they always find the easiest way to do things, and flipping through a thousand pages to find a business doesn't make sense when the Internet is at their fingertips.

For this reason Jupiter Marketing Group was born. We aim to help small businesses take control of the Internet so they can get more sales and leads. Almost 1/3 of people look online for local businesses and products. Advertising on the Internet can be very confusing, and with Jupiter Marketing Group we hope to shine a light on how your business can benefit from the Internet.

We offer many services to help you, but before we sign you up for this and that, we want to hear about your business. From there we can match our services to help you attract more customers. There is no cookie cutter strategy that we put your business into. Each business that we help gets their own marketing strategy developed and implemented.

I encourage you email us or call us so we can look at your business and talk about how we can turn the Internet into a valuable marketing asset for your business.

Our goal is to help your company succeed online. There is a new world of advertising out there that not a lot of small businesses have taken advantage of. Each day over 200 million searches take place. Some of them are people looking for your business. Don't hesitate another day, call us for a free consultation today!